General Assistance
At Tender To our approach to Yacht Management is to provide assistance in support of yacht operations, both ashore and at sea, so as to help owners enjoy a total experience.
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This primarily involves three parties: the owner, who is entitled to enjoy yacht ownership to the full, the captain plus crew, who have responsibility for safety and comfort on board, while delivering excellent service. Last but not least comes the yacht manager, who teams up with the crew as their land-based support and contributes to enhance the owner’s yachting experience based on efficiency, timing and finance as planned. It is recommendable that potential owners seek professional management prior to buying their yacht, and obtain independent appraisal and valuable advice.
At Tender To we take direct responsibility for your yacht’s safety and efficiency. Also at the same time we help owners optimize their investment and reduce costs of operating their yachts while we provide for their renting, in the timeframe and under the terms as owners deems appropriate.
At Tender To we provide management assistance in a way that no other does. We design customized plans for you to monitor and control ordinary and extraordinary expenditures with budget reports on a constant basis.
Berth reservation
Custom mooring supervision is available both in Italy and in major Mediterranean locations.

Our specialist staff will transfer your boat to whatever port you may wish.

Ship provisions
Tender To will ensure that provisions are delivered to you on board wherever you are, whether ashore or at sea or at anchor in any Mediterranean bay. Catering on board is also a possibility on your request, executive staff also included.
Planning rubric to request a personalized quote for your event on board. At Tender To we are happy to submit our wine selection for you to choose from, suitable for diverse occasions.
Nautical supplies
Delivery on board of all nautical supplies as you may require, that include nautical charts, accessories, spare parts, paint and varnishes, cleaning and maintenance tools. At Tender To we also provide personalized linen and crockery for your vessel at your request.
Tender To will assist you in conducting bunkering operations, while we make reservations or provide direct support locally.

Emergency repair and spare parts
Our expert mechanics are ready to provide emergency repair and spare parts for your vessel wherever you are, both ashore and off-shore. We guarantee a job done within 24 hours of your call. Please contact us, whatever intervention you may require, both mechanical and technical, inboard or outboard.
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Transportation and travel reservation
We will assist you for flight, train or any travel reservation you may require to reach your destinations, both in Italy and abroad. This also includes the delivery of chaffeured cars, private jets or helicopters. Arrangements can be made for gourmet and cultural experiences such as tours to famous locations as Cinque Terre, Portofino, Montecarlo or Genoa.

Medical assistance
We offer 24-hour general and specialist medical assistance in the Genoa area.

Security services
Tender To offers its clients security programs for their vessels. Bodyguard services are also an option under our programs.

Crew recruitment
Tender To assists you in recruiting your crew: captain, skippers, engineers, sailors, stewards, hostesses, chef and service staff. Perfectly trained baby sitters are also available on your request.

Beauty care on board
Whatever your beauty care requirements, a specialist staff will be on board to deliver beauty treatments, massage therapy and all personal care for you.

Entertainment on board
Enjoy your favorite movies while on board, as we provide for the delivery of VHS or DVD rentals to you. Live music and theater are also a possibility for your entertainment on board

Worldwide mailing and courier service
Our offices are at your disposal to function as your mailing address for the duration of your cruise in the area. We will assist you while providing DHL, UPS or FedEx Services. An e-mail service or Internet Point is also available.

Ordinary maintenance
Tender To offers all ordinary maintenance as you may require for your vessel: cleaning, both interior and exterior, pick-up and delivery laundry, on board special carpet cleaning. Flowers arrangements are also available for your yacht.

Extraordinary maintenance and shipyard repairs
Tender To offers total assistance for shipyard repairs, refitting, etc.

Interior décor
We offer specialist advice for the redesign of your yacht’s interior environment, and help enhance comfort and sophistication on board. We provide tapestry, carpeting and bathroom décor, and personalized linen and crockery for your vessel at your request .

- Luxury charter
- Whale watching
- Week-end charter

- Cene-feste-matrimoni
- Meeting-Convegni
- Incentive–team building

- Forniture di bordo
- Arredamento d’interni
- Refitting

- Come in hotel
- Serate particolari
- Romantic dinners

- Assistenza charter
- Noleggi aerei/elicotteri
- Noleggi auto