Event planning

Party Yacht

Private Events : Why not have your birthday celebration on board a luxury yacht, rather than the usual restaurant? Something new, perhaps a surprise party: anything can be planned to happen on the water that happens at your place ashore. This is about a romantic dinner, or a business meeting: impress your key client while you have her or him dine in no ordinary place. Our Yachts are there to host your special event, whichever you may have in your mind: Tender To can find the perfect yacht for your event or planning every detail of it, from the invitations to the fireworks, and arranging it all for you.


. Romantic dinners
. Weddings
. Wedding anniversaries
. Birthday parties
. Graduations
. Baptisms and Communions

Matrimoni in yacht

Corporate Events: Our Yachts will host all corporate activities as you may deem performable on board. Our offer is for you who want your corporate events to turn out special. To have corporate events hosted on board is to make a statement, whatever the event you are thinking of: conventions, meetings or hospitality for key clients under our Yacht&Breakfast scheme.
To have your managers on board as part of your corporate incentive program is a winner, a powerful experience to share. We devise diverse solutions to meet with your requirements.

. Corporate incentive programs
. New product launches
. Business meetings
. Press conferences
. Seminars, Conventions
. Artistic or cultural events
. Art, jewellery and antique exhibitions
. Auctions

- Luxury charter
- Whale watching
- Week-end charter

- Cene-feste-matrimoni
- Meeting-Convegni
- Incentive–team building

- Forniture di bordo
- Arredamento d’interni
- Refitting

- Come in hotel
- Serate particolari
- Romantic dinners

- Assistenza charter
- Noleggi aerei/elicotteri
- Noleggi auto