Yacht&Breakfast is to sleep on board the most luxurious yachts, ashore or lulled by the waves and the murmur of the sea, and wake up to a perfect breakfast: Yacht&Breakfast is our treat for all of you who seek a special stay in a charming, sophisticated context, be it for one night only.

Yacht e modanità


Also including period vessels, our portfolio features yachts with luxury hotel décor and amenities. Our yachts are in the moorings in Genoa’s Porto Antico, the city’s ancient port area, in the heart of historical Genoa, only minutes from places of primary tourist interest.

Yacht charter is a possibility, also as part of our Yacht&Breakfast scheme, to relax while cruising along the Riviera, and visit enchanting Cinque Terre, Portofino or Côte d’Azur.
On the occasion of international Riviera events, such as Cannes Film Festival, Montecarlo Grand Prix , Sanremo Music Festival, our yachts will be at anchor nearby.

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- Luxury charter
- Whale watching
- Week-end charter

- Cene-feste-matrimoni
- Meeting-Convegni
- Incentive–team building

- Forniture di bordo
- Arredamento d’interni
- Refitting

- Come in hotel
- Serate particolari
- Romantic dinners

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- Noleggi aerei/elicotteri
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